What Is Instrument Control Toolbox?

Instrument Control Toolbox lets you connect to your test equipment and analyze your measured data as it is acquired.

Together with MATLAB®, it provides a single environment to collect and analyze data, build test systems, and verify designs and concepts.

Instrument Control Toolbox lets you communicate with oscilloscopes, signal analyzers, signal generators, network analyzers, power supplies, and other test equipment directly from MATLAB.

For example, you can send text-based SCPI commands to your instrument over common instrumentation protocols like GPIB, VISA, TCP/IP, and serial.

Or, you can also connect to your instrument using industry-standard instrument drivers such as IVI and VXIplug&play.

In addition, the toolbox supports instruments that conform to the PXI, LXI, or AXIe standards.

Instrument Control Toolbox includes Test & Measurement Tool, which lets you find, configure, and connect to your instruments without writing any code.

You can send text-based commands and explore instrument driver functions.

You can also read in data and export the data into a MATLAB figure window or the MATLAB workspace for further analysis.

The toolbox will automatically generate MATLAB code used to carry out your actions.

You can save this code and use it to build larger test programs.

The toolbox and MATLAB are also used to extend the analysis and visualization capabilities of your instrument.

For example, you can verify digital predistortion algorithms using measured data from a spectrum analyzer. 

You can also build graphical user interfaces to automate your test, and you can use MATLAB Compiler™ to deploy your test application on computers that don’t have MATLAB.

There are additional resources available to help you learn more about Instrument Control Toolbox.

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