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SC - powerful image rendering

  • autumn(varargin)
    AUTUMN Red-yellow colormap
  • bled(varargin)
    BLED Black to red variation of the hsv colormap
  • bone(varargin)
    BONE Black-blue-white colormap
  • bright(varargin)
    BRIGHT Black-bright-white colormap
  • cold(varargin)
    COLD Black-blue-cyan-white colormap
  • colormap_helper(map, len,...
    COLORMAP_HELPER Helper function for colormaps
  • cool(varargin)
    COOL Cyan-magenta colormap
  • copper(varargin)
    COPPER Black-copper colormap
  • copper2(varargin)
    COPPER2 Black-copper-white colormap
  • disco(varargin)
    DISCO High contrast colormap with strong gradient discontinuities
  • disparity(varargin)
    DISPARITY High contrast colormap with subtle gradient discontinuities
  • dusk(varargin)
    DUSK Black-blue-green-gray-red-yellow-white colormap
  • earth(varargin)
    EARTH Black-green-white colormap
  • gray(varargin)
    GRAY Black-white colormap
  • hicontrast(varargin)
    HICONTRAST Black-blue-red-magenta-green-cyan-yellow-white colormap
  • hot(varargin)
    HOT Black-red-yellow-white colormap
  • hsv(varargin)
    HSV Red-yellow-green-cyan-blue-magenta-red colormap
  • hsv2(varargin)
    HSV2 Black to red variation of the hsv colormap
  • imdisp(I, varargin)
    IMDISP Display one or more images nicely
  • imsc(varargin)
    IMSC Wrapper function to SC which replicates display behaviour of IMAGESC
  • jet(varargin)
    JET Variant of HSV colormap
  • pastel(varargin)
    PASTEL Black-pastel-white colormap
  • pink(len, varargin)
    PINK Black-pink-white colormap
  • pink2(varargin)
    PINK2 Black-pink-white colormap
  • real2rgb(A, cmap, lims)
    REAL2RGB Converts a real-valued matrix into a truecolor image
  • rescale(A, lims, out_lims)
    RESCALE Linearly rescale values in an array
  • sc(I, varargin)
    SC Display/output truecolor images with a range of colormaps
  • sepia(varargin)
    SEPIA Black-brown-white colormap
  • spring(varargin)
    SPRING Magenta-yellow colormap
  • summer(varargin)
    SUMMER Green-yellow colormap
  • temp(varargin)
    TEMP Blue-pale-dark red colormap
  • thermal(varargin)
    THERMAL Black-purple-red-yellow-white colormap
  • whed(varargin)
    WHED White to red variation of the hsv colormap
  • winter(varargin)
    WINTER Blue-green colormap
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SC - powerful image rendering



04 Sep 2007 (Updated )

Useful tool for rendering and outputting information rich images

%WINTER  Blue-green colormap
% Examples:
%   map = winter;
%   map = winter(len);
%   B = winter(A);
%   B = winter(A, lims);
% Similar to MATLAB's winter function, but also able to return a concise
% colormap table.
% The function can additionally be used to convert a real-valued array into
% a truecolor array using the colormap.
% IN:
%   len - Scalar length of the output colormap. If len == Inf the concise
%         table is returned. Default: len = size(get(gcf, 'Colormap'), 1);
%   A - Non-scalar numeric array of real values to be converted into
%       truecolor.
%   lims - 1x2 array of saturation limits to be used on A. Default:
%          [min(A(:)) max(A(:))].
% OUT:
%   map - (len)x3 colormap table.
%   B - size(A)x3 truecolor array.

% Copyright: Oliver Woodford, 2009

function map = winter(varargin)
map = [0 0 1; 0 1 0.5];
map = colormap_helper(map, varargin{:});

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