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Download apps, toolboxes, and other File Exchange content using Add-On Explorer in MATLAB.

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Require FEX package

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Require FEX package


Igor Podlubny (view profile)


16 Apr 2011 (Updated )

Let the user download and install those File Exchange packages, which your submission needs.

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File Information

The authors of submissions (packages) to FEX may sometime use the functions from the packages submitted to FEX by other authors. Instead of distributing those packages written by others, the authors of FEX submissions can use the function 'requireFEXpackage.m' for helping users with downloading and installing the required FEX packages.
Three included sample scripts demonstrate how this can be done.
In particular, see the instruction in the 'installFEXpackages.m'.
The easiest way is just to add the files 'requireFEXpackage.m' and 'installFEXpackages.m'
to your toolbox, modify the file 'installFEXpackages.m', and instruct the user of your toolbox
to run the script 'installFEXpackages.m' once before using your toolbox.
The user is always asked where to put the requested FEX package. A subdirectory called 'NNNNN' (where NNNNN is the ID of the requested FEX package) is created in the user-selected location, and all files from the requested FEX package are installed there.

There is also another function in this toolbox, namely 'suggestFEXpackage.m', which can be used in situations, where the the other FEX submission can be recommended as a related one, but is not a necessary pre-requisite.

It can be recommended to create a directory called 'FEX' for putting all FEX packages there.


This file inspired Discrete Fractional Order Pid Controller, Matrix Approach To Distributed Order Od Es And Pd Es, Dynamical System Viewer, and Total Least Squares Method.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)
MATLAB Search Path
Other requirements This function needs access to the internet for downloading required packages from the File Exchange.
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21 Feb 2016 Scott Lowe

Scott Lowe (view profile)

This tool not working for FEX packages which are created from GitHub repositories, such as

At the moment, it just downloads a small html file saying "You are being redirected to xxx".

This can be fixed by changing `baseURL` to use https instead of regular (unsecured) http.

Comment only
19 Apr 2011 1.2

Removed unnecessary line in the code.

09 May 2012 1.3

Enhanced formatting in the dialog in 'requireFEXpackage.m'. New function 'suggestFEXpackage.m' added.

28 Oct 2016 1.31

Changed 'http:' to 'https:' in baseURL, as suggested by Scott Lowe.

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