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simulate motion in Cartesian MRI

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Simulates Point Spread Function (PSF) and k-space data for motion in Cartesian sequences.



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In available full-featured MRI simulation packages like JEMRIS, it is hard to set up a simple simulation quickly and for non-computer-scientists, implementing custom modifications is too demanding.
To answer the question which artifact a moving signal source would create with a given reordering scheme, a much simpler approach ought to be sufficient. This is a simple MATLAB framework for teaching and learning purposes to simulate a moving point signal and allowing to incorporate arbitrary motion models and reordering schemes. It is pure MATLAB code and easily readable, so that basic MATLAB skills are sufficient to implement custom modifications quickly.

For usage examples, open exampleCartesian.m in the MATLAB editor and evaluate the code cells step by step.

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extended help; checking inputs "the MATLAB way"


code cleanup and simplification

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MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)
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