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Bedmap2 Toolbox for Matlab

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Bedmap2 Toolbox for Matlab


Chad Greene


26 Jun 2013 (Updated )

Transforms Bedmap2 data to lat/lon coordinates. Offers simple commands to extract and/or plot data.

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The Bedmap2 Toolbox for Matlab obtains latitude/longitude coordinates corresponding to each pixel of the Bedmap2 data set. This toolbox also provides functions for extracting raw Bedmap2 data, generating maps of Bedmap2 data, or interpolating Bedmap2 data values at any arbitrary lat/lon location, line, or grid. This toolbox is intended to aid in pairing the Bedmap2 data set with data referenced to latitude-longitude pairs, and provide simple commands for plotting the grounded and floating ice of Antarctica.
If you do not currently have the Bedmap2 data on your computer, the bedmap2_install.m file will download it for you. Several examples of how to use these files are detailed in the documentation pdf.
More on Bedmap2 can be found here:


Antarctic Mapping Tools inspired this file.

This file inspired Nsidc Download.

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
Mapping Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
Other requirements A fast internet connection for the installation scripts. No internet connection is required after installation. This function also requires the Antarctic Mapping Tools package available on the File Exchange site.
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08 Jul 2013

v1.01: Edited Example 9 and added Example 10.

09 Jul 2013

Fixed an error relation to pixel reference location. If you used a previous version, be sure to rerun bedmap2_runfirst.m using Version 1.2 or later.

29 Oct 2013

Several added features: scalebar, scarlabel, zoom, contouring, just to name a few.

11 Nov 2013

Added drainage basins and ASAID grounding lines.

12 Nov 2013

fixed a typo in bedmap2_interp

18 Nov 2013

Fixed a bug in bedmap2_interp, expanded documentation, increased robustness of install scripts.

02 Dec 2013

v2.25: improved install error handling, changed default inset frame setting in bedmap2_zoom, documentation edits.

04 Feb 2014

Removed dependency on deg2rad and rad2deg. Added examples in documentation.

26 Mar 2014

Typo fixes in the header files. Functionality unchanged.

14 May 2014

v2.30: Added support for WGS84 elevations; added cubic, spline, and nearest-neighbor interpolation; changed default contour colors from blue to black, added colorbar location options.

23 Aug 2014

Adapted into a plugin for the Antarctic Mapping Tools package.

26 Aug 2014

Version 3.0.

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