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Antarctic Mapping Tools

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Antarctic Mapping Tools


Chad Greene


23 Aug 2014 (Updated )

A toolbox for analysis and display of Antarctica-related data

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This toolbox has been designed to streamline the process of importing, analyzing, and displaying Antarctica-related data. The functions in this toolbox have been designed to provide a standard framework to allow easy pairing of multiple different types of data sets (surface elevation, ice velocity, grounding line, etc).
This toolbox is required for:
* The Bedmap2 Toolbox for Matlab
* The Measures velocity mapping and interpolation toolbox
* Icesat grounding zone structure function
* ASAID grounding zone structure function
* Antarctic Basins function.
* MODIS MOA image plotting


Plotboxpos, Ncquiverref, Ncpolarm, Calcticks, Polar Stereographic Coordinate Transformation (Map To Lat/Lon), Polar Stereographic Coordinate Transformation (Lat/Lon To Map), Scalebar For Maps, Pathdist, Quivermc, and Shadem inspired this file.

This file inspired Plot Antarctic Circumpolar Current Fronts, Bedmap2 Toolbox For Matlab, Antarctic Grounding Zone Structure From Ice Sat, Antarctic Drainage Basins, M Ea Sur Es, Modis Mosaic Of Antarctica, Geotiffinterp, Landsat, and Asaid Grounding Lines.

Required Products Mapping Toolbox
Statistics Toolbox
Simulink 3D Animation
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
MATLAB Search Path
Other requirements Matlab's Mapping Toolbox is required for some of the tools in this toolbox.
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13 Jan 2015

Updated SCAR Gazetteer database and added scarclick function, which allows users to click on a map to get names of features. Updated some documentation.

13 Jan 2015

A few minutes ago I uploaded a version in which the default units in the pathdist function were kilometers. Now the default units are meters.

25 Jan 2015

V3: Addition of shadem function, which creates shaded relief (hillshade) images. Addition of find2drange function, which plugin functions will use to clip data to a region of interest. Improved documentation for scarlabel and scarclick functions.

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