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  • plotboxpos(h)
    PLOTBOXPOS Returns the position of the plotted axis region
  • plotboxposExample.m
    plotboxpos example
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13 Jan 2006 (Updated )

Returns the position of a plotted axis region

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Return the position of the plotted region of a Matlab axis


This file inspired Antarctic Mapping Tools.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.0.4 (R14SP2)
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Comments and Ratings (14)
20 Aug 2014 Chad Greene

Thank you Kelly for solving a problem I've had for months. This function is well written. You've saved me a world of headaches.

14 Jul 2014 Jeremy Fyke

Works as advertised - thanks.

26 Mar 2014 Ajay  
16 Jan 2014 Marcelo Soto Thompson  
24 Apr 2013 Claudia

Thanks so much. That's awesome!

14 Apr 2013 Chethan Pandarinath

This is fantastic. Thanks.

11 Jan 2013 Mathieu  
24 Aug 2011 Brian Emery

Finds the position of the axes after modifying the DataAspectRatio and PlotBoxAspectRatio. This is exactly what I need, thanks!

09 Aug 2011 Fran├žois Beauducel

Very useful function, thanks.
It's missing only a little test like:

if nargin < 1
h = gca;

and your function becomes perfect !
Thanks again.

20 Apr 2011 dk  
08 Feb 2010 Oscar Hartogensis  
28 Jul 2009 Jakob  
14 Feb 2006 Kelly Kearney

Carlos, getInUnits.m is available in the File Exchange: ( Sorry for the confusion; I will update the documentation on this page to clarify this.

13 Feb 2006 Carlos Moffat

Kelly, getInUnits does not exist, as far as I can tall, as a MATLAB function.

14 Feb 2006

Clarified use of another File Exchange function (getInUnits.m).

26 May 2010

Small rewrite to remove dependency on external functions

19 Oct 2011

Now defaults to current axis if no input provided. Also updated example image to a simpler one.

10 Jul 2014

- verified for R2014b graphics

15 Dec 2014

Linked to GitHub repository

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