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Theme from Super Mario Brothers Song

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Theme from Super Mario Brothers Song


James Humes


07 Sep 2005 (Updated )

plays the Super Mario Brothers theme song.

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Put these two files into the same directory and run mariosong.m. It will play the first part of the mario brothers theme song. You can edit note.m to add qualities to the sound.


This file inspired Super Mario Bros. Demo and Super Mario Brothers Theme Huggins Illusion.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7 (R14)
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Comments and Ratings (48)
24 May 2014 Anton


14 Mar 2013 Giacomo Alessandroni

Giacomo Alessandroni

13 Mar 2013 Giacomo Alessandroni

Giacomo Alessandroni

I have the same problem of @Tschey

Error in line 90
Attempted to access note(56,0.17); index must be a positive integer or logical.

And if I set n = 3, I abtain:
Attempted to access note(56,3); index out of bounds because size(note)=[1,22051].

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06 Mar 2013 Vaishali Parikh

Vaishali Parikh

01 Mar 2013 José Goulart

José Goulart

01 Mar 2013 Ayhan


Müthiş... superb !

01 Mar 2013 tej enosh

tej enosh

Super Super Superbb.. Dude Very Nice

01 Mar 2013 yashavantha k

yashavantha k


01 Mar 2013 Youssef


28 Feb 2012 Aneeta Niazi

Aneeta Niazi

i must say...AMAZING!!:D

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16 Nov 2011 Kenneth Tam

Kenneth Tam

Dude Thats cool!

04 Nov 2011 savisha mahalingam

savisha mahalingam


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11 Jul 2011 Vageesh


20 Jun 2011 Tschey


I cant run it.. always get same erorr..
??? Attempted to access note(56,0.17); index must be a
positive integer or logical.

Error in ==> mariosong at 90
tone=note(keyst(kk), tdur(kk));

Error in ==> run at 57
evalin('caller', [s ';']);

any idea?

17 Mar 2011 Jenny Gao

Jenny Gao

Sound tickled ~~

17 Mar 2011 Adi


14 Mar 2011 David Smith

David Smith

12 Mar 2011 Soncs


It's awesome!!!

11 Mar 2011 Sisi Ma

Sisi Ma

29 Jul 2010 Robert


26 May 2010 Christian



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07 Mar 2010 Oskar Vivero

Oskar Vivero

04 Mar 2010 Jesús P. Mena-Chalco

Jesús P. Mena-Chalco

14 Feb 2009 Husam Aldahiyat

Husam Aldahiyat


05 Mar 2008 Adam Peabody

use some sptool. Filter out some of the frequencies, we had a blast.

22 Feb 2008 alain amador mancera leyva

cool matlab shoud be used fo0r this kind of fun

07 Nov 2007 sefsefa wdawa

how do i open that file

29 Aug 2007 dsadf fdyj


13 Jul 2007 Kyle Friesen  
10 Jul 2007 Jake Horky

True Matlab audio bliss!

21 Jun 2007 RJ Duran


30 Apr 2007 Frank Lusher

Thats TOO cool. Do some more stuff like this!

27 Apr 2007 Andrew Schierer

Ahahaha. So good it hurts.

03 Apr 2007 Na Pabo Ng


01 Apr 2007 anun seetun

i love you

20 Nov 2006 scott frushour

by far, cooler then anything I've ever done in Matlab.

17 Nov 2006 Carlos Adrián Vargas Aguilera

jajajaja, very very funny! Excelent!

05 Oct 2006 J Hereford

Very nice work.

21 Apr 2006 Tom Rose

Very Excellent

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19 Apr 2006 shachar m  
02 Mar 2006 David Blue

Impressive. Good NES timbre emulation.

14 Dec 2005 top kitty

Dude! this program helped me on my final exam!!

17 Nov 2005 kunal kakodkar

LOL! awesome.

18 Sep 2005 Juan Manuel

yeah man, that was cool !

13 Sep 2005 vakeyeshta halilla

thats the cool thing in matlab ever, are you pro?

12 Sep 2005 Jason Armerstrong

WOW! That was way better than I expected.

11 Sep 2005 Maximilien Chaumon

Thanks guys ! Good old days...

09 Sep 2005 Robert Young

Very cool!

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