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“Regression Basics” Courseware

Course Materials Include:

Regression Basics

This curriculum module contains interactive live scripts and supporting files to illustrate some basics of regression analysis. The materials are designed to be flexible and can be easily modified to accommodate a variety of teaching and learning methods. We include a brief background, interactive illustrations, tasks, reflection questions, a real-world application example, and a guided exercise for the concepts explored.

The live scripts include:

  • Regression Basics: an interactive lesson that introduces the fundamentals of regression analysis (Students apply basic linear regression to model real-world electricity load data.)
  • Electricity Load Data: a supplementary script to download the electricity load data for use in the practice problem

Learning goals

  • Define linear, nonlinear, and multiple linear regression.
  • Assess and improve the performance of a regression model using a goodness-of-fit measure.
  • Apply gradient descent to minimize a cost function.
  • Explain the effect of increasing and decreasing the learning rate and number of steps for gradient descent.
  • Apply a linear regression model to perform short-term forecasting.

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