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Engage students in active learning—online or in the classroom—using industry-standard tools.

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Preparing students for the workforce means challenging them with relevant opportunities to strengthen their technical and critical-thinking skills. MathWorks tools support your course development and delivery workflow.

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Join thousands of other educators who are already developing compelling lectures that combine explanatory text, mathematical equations, code, and results. Create live scripts with MATLAB code in assignments that let students explore and learn on their own. Use MATLAB and Simulink as part of hands-on labs incorporating modeling and simulation.

Utilize MATLAB and Simulink Courseware

Facilitate active learning with ready-to-go teaching content, including interactive examples, labs, and apps, developed by MathWorks and educators from leading universities. Resources are tailored to multiple disciplines, such as artificial intelligence, controls, and signal processing and communications.

Organize and Share Content

Ensure students have access to well-organized, current course materials. Share folders in MATLAB Online and MATLAB Drive to collaborate using MathWorks Cloud. Generate a view-only link or invite specific people to edit the content.

Assess Student Work

MATLAB Grader lets you automatically grade coding assignments in any learning environment and scale assessments in large classes. It can be used for both formative assessments with automated feedback and summative assessments, such as quizzes and exams.

Help Your Students Get Started

Help your students learn the essentials of MATLAB and Simulink and build a foundation with free tutorials that provide reports on progress. Point to the full self-paced course or easily integrate one or more modules into your assignments. How-to videos provide another way to introduce new concepts.