Primary and Secondary School License

Primary and Secondary School License

Creating a foundation for a future in STEM

Engage students with MATLAB® and Simulink® to prepare them for success in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) from a young age.

With a Primary and Secondary School License, you can help your students develop programming and problem-solving skills through modeling and simulation. This license provides students and educators with:

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One price for your entire school

“By integrating MATLAB into my class, I was able to give secondary school students an early introduction to basic programming concepts as they learned mathematics.”

Pablo Lopez, Sacred Heart School Jesuits-Leon

Create Interactive Auto-Graded Assignments

Assess your students' skills using MATLAB Grader for both formative assessments with automated feedback and summative assessments, such as quizzes and exams, while ensuring academic integrity. MATLAB Grader lets you scale assessments and automatically grade MATLAB coding assignments in any learning environment.

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New to MATLAB and Simulink?

Try these self-paced interactive tutorials.

Learn to Code

(Recommended for ages 12+)


Get started quickly with the basics of MATLAB.

Simulink Onramp

Discover Model-Based Design with Simulink.

Stateflow Onramp

Learn the basics of modeling and simulating decision logic using Stateflow.

Teaching Resources

Explore downloadable teaching materials and activities created by educators, including targeted lessons and examples or full-course curricula.

Treasure Hunt Game: Learn to code

Interactive live scripts that teach students basic programming concepts and basic terminology through game development

Equations and Systems: Interactive Notebook

An interactive notebook that uses MATLAB live scripts to help students analyze and learn to solve different types of equations and systems of equations

Fundamentals of Programming

An overview of programming concepts including arrays, strings, loops, and algorithms with a project.

Bytes and Beats: An Introduction to Programming with MATLAB

Comprehensive lesson plans with dozens of hands-on activities for teaching the fundamentals of programming with MATLAB while making music (Recommended for ages 10+)

Getting Started with MATLAB and Simulink for VEX Robotics

Detailed lesson plans and companion videos for teaching a robotics course using MATLAB, Simulink, and a VEX robot

Pixels to Pictures

Project-based course that teaches the basics of programming; students will learn about digital images and transform them using MATLAB to create their own digital story (Recommended for ages 10+)

Calculus Derivatives

An interactive module that introduces fundamentals of derivatives, including the product and chain rule as presented in Calculus I courses

Modeling and Simulation of Multi-Physics Systems with MATLAB and Simulink

A downloadable book with accompanying code files from a course on modeling and simulation of engineering systems that span electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical domains

Robotics Playground: An Introduction to Mobile Robotics with MATLAB and Simulink

Step-by-step exercises using MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow for integrating common robot sensors and creating teleoperated and autonomous mobile robot algorithms (Recommended for ages 12+)

Calculus Integrals

Interactive examples using MATLAB to visualize and practice integral calculus and a calculus flashcards app

DC Circuit Analysis

Explore interactive lessons plans and labs to teach DC circuit analysis using MATLAB live scripts and Simscape models.


Courseware that teaches the basics of plotting and app building with MATLAB; students will create their own astrodynamics game

10 Tasks on Math Modeling

A collection of 10 fun tasks to teach students mathematical concepts, including analyzing the perfect basketball shot, cracking secret messages, and helping stranded astronauts get back home

Student Competitions

Student Competitions

MathWorks Support for Student Competition

Find resources to nurture an interest in STEM and programming skills with resources dedicated for student competitions such as FIRST Robotics, BEST Robotics, and MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge.

Administrator Resources

Manage educator and student access through the MathWorks License Center.

Additional Administrator and Install Resources