Connect to MATLAB from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device

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Evaluate MATLAB® commands, create and edit files, visualize data, and view results – all from your mobile device.

Connect to MATLAB

Connect to a MATLAB session running on MathWorks Cloud or on your computer.

Acquire Sensor Data

Acquire data from device sensors – like the accelerometer and GPS – and analyze the data in MATLAB.

Learn and Teach

Learn and teach math, engineering, and other subjects right from your mobile device. 

What’s New

  • Support for the input command
  • Support for iOS 11 and Android O

Connect to the Cloud

Connect to the MathWorks Cloud and access MATLAB wherever you have Internet connectivity. Your figures and workspace persist across sessions, so you can resume work when you next sign in.

Store your files on MATLAB Drive and access them from any device running MATLAB Mobile. Install MATLAB Drive Connector to synchronize your files between your computers and MATLAB Mobile so you don’t need to manually upload or download them..

Create a MathWorks Account to get started. Unlock more features by associating your MathWorks Account to a license current on MathWorks Software Maintenance Service. Choose the option that meets your needs.

Get Started Now

Connect to the cloud now with your MathWorks Account.

Associate your account to a MATLAB license to unlock features. View options.

Connect to Your Computer

If you have MATLAB installed on your work or home computer, MATLAB Mobile provides remote access to your files, data, and add-on products.

To connect to a MATLAB session on your computer, your mobile device needs network access to your computer.

Acquire Data from Sensors

Acquire data from built-in sensors on your device, and send this data to a MATLAB session running on your computer or the MathWorks Cloud for further analysis and visualization.

Acquire the following sensor data:

  • Acceleration on 3-axes
  • Angular velocity on 3-axes
  • Magnetic field on 3-axes
  • Orientation (azimuth, pitch, and roll)
  • Position (latitude, longitude, altitude, horizontal accuracy, speed, and course)

Learn more about the Apple iOS sensor support package and the Android sensor support package.

Learn and Teach

MATLAB Mobile makes it convenient to learn and teach in disciplines requiring computational thinking, such as math, physics, and engineering.

  • As a professor, you can author examples in MATLAB and demonstrate them on your smartphone or tablet.
  • As a student, you can follow along on your mobile device. Create, edit, and run scripts, and instantly connect results to the concepts you’re learning.

When used with Symbolic Math Toolbox™, you can access functions for disciplines like algebra and calculus. Perform analytical computations such as differentiation and integration as well as solving algebraic and ordinary differential equations. Visualize analytical functions in 2D and 3D. Use MATLAB Mobile as a calculator and work with dimensioned physical quantities using units.

System Requirements

  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • iOS 10 or later
  • Android 5.1 or later

One of the following MATLAB licenses:

  • Professional or academic license for R2014a or later
  • MATLAB Student or MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite R2014a or later
  • MATLAB Home R2014a or later

To acquire data from device sensors

  • MATLAB Support Package for Android Sensors (for Android devices).
  • MATLAB Support Package for Apple iOS Sensors (for iOS devices).
  • Professional or academic license for R2015a or later
  • MATLAB Student or MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite R2015a or later
  • MATLAB Home R2015a or later

MATLAB Mobile is intended for use behind a firewall on a private network. Virtual private network (VPN) use is recommended when used over the public Internet or via 3G or 4G.

To use MATLAB Mobile with full functionality, associate your MathWorks Account with:

  • A valid license that is current on MathWorks Software Maintenance Service.
  • An active trial for the latest release of MATLAB. Request a trial.

The following features are not supported:

  • Viewing, editing, or evaluating live scripts with the Live Editor
  • Using MATLAB apps, such as Curve Fitting
  • Creating apps with App Designer
  • Interacting with 3D figures
  • Opening or creating models using the Simulink graphical environment

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