Symbolic Math Toolbox


Symbolic Math Toolbox

Perform symbolic math computations

See how to use the next step suggestions menu in Live Editor for guidance on symbolic math workflows.


Evaluate exact analytical solutions for definite or indefinite integral, calculate derivatives of symbolic expressions or functions, and approximate functions using series expansions.

Solving, Simplification, and Substitution

Solve linear and nonlinear algebraic and differential equations analytically, simplify and rewrite symbolic expressions, and evaluate symbolic expressions using substitution.

Linear Algebra

Analyze, transform, and decompose symbolic matrices to study the properties of linear equations, perform linear algebra operations, and solve systems of linear equations in matrix or equation form.


Use built-in functions to plot symbolic expressions and functions using extended MATLAB graphics capabilities and visualize the behavior of symbolic expressions using animations.

Variable-Precision Arithmetic (VPA)

Explicitly set the number of significant digits to avoid hidden round-off errors. Increase the speed of calculations by reducing the precision with variable-precision arithmetic.

Units and Dimensional Analysis

Perform dimensional analysis and verify the dimensional compatibility and consistency of units in symbolic calculations. Create custom unit systems and convert between existing unit systems.

Documentation and Sharing

Interactively update and display symbolic math computations and get next-step suggestions for symbolic workflows using the MATLAB Live Editor. Share your work as live scripts or publish your code to create formatted documents including HTML, Word, LaTeX, and PDF.

Code Generation

Generate MATLAB functions, Simulink function blocks, custom equation-based Simscape components, and C or Fortran code directly from symbolic expressions.

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