The evolving of wireless technology from 5G to 5G-Advanced and 6G has increased the complexity of wireless systems and networks. Integrating AI into wireless communications design can help optimize system performance and ensure network quality, reliability, and flexibility.

MATLAB® supports an iterative design, test, and development process that enables you to continuously improve your AI models, integrate them into your system for testing and validation, and deploy them onto production networks.

Using examples and an AI-based 5G channel estimation case study, you will learn:

  • Design challenges that can be solved with AI, including digital predistortion, beam selection, detecting log likelihood ratios (LLRs), 3D indoor positioning, spectrum sensing, modulation classification, autoencoders, channel state information (CSI) feedback, and detection of WLAN router impersonation.
  • How MATLAB makes it easy to integrate AI-based wireless system design into your workflow from data preparation to AI modeling, simulation and testing to deployment.

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