Want to develop AUTOSAR ECU software while minimizing cost, risk, and disruptions? Simulink® provides AUTOSAR capabilities as well as APIs for workflow automation.

Based on extensive practical experience helping automotive companies and OEM suppliers, MathWorks consultants have identified 10 best practices for AUTOSAR deployment with Simulink and Model-Based Design.

Read the guide to learn about:

  • Defining strategies for migrating Simulink models to AUTOSAR: clean sheet, complete migration, and model variants
  • Selecting a data management strategy (Simulink, AUTOSAR Authoring Tool, or external tool) and establishing a modeling standard for AUTOSAR adoption
  • Simulating and automatically generating code for both AUTOSAR and non-AUTOSAR targets from the same Simulink models
  • Actively planning for evolving AUTOSAR and ISO 26262 standards

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