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Welcome to the MathWorks Accelerator Program

The MathWorks Accelerator Program helps startups advance their development. Startups get technical support and guidance from domain experts while receiving free access to industry-proven software.

This page provides resources for your startup as part of a MathWorks Partner Accelerator or Incubator.

Startups in a partner accelerator can request free software access.

MathWorks Accelerator and Startup Program Timeline

MathWorks is committed to supporting startups beyond one year. Gain a committed partner as you move from free software access to low-cost software with MathWorks Startup Program.

Benefits Available to Startups

Free Access to MATLAB, Simulink, and More

Startups can request MATLAB and Simulink Suite licenses for up to 10 engineers. After one year of free software, startups can apply for the discounted license option within the startup program.

Promotion Opportunities

MathWorks works with startups to publish user stories, case studies, technical activities, video blogs, and joint PR opportunities. Content is showcased on the MathWorks website and social media. Startups may also be offered the opportunity to speak at events, webinars, and conferences. 

Technical Mentorship

Domain experts will connect with startups on a deeper level to guide workflow development and share best practice and insights for working with MATLAB and Simulink.

Technical Support

Over 300 global engineers with bachelors, masters, and PhD degrees are available to help troubleshoot technical challenges and workflow problems. 

Application Engineering

MathWorks experts can be consulted to help you evaluate tools, guide workflows, support onsite events, and more.

Free Training

MathWorks Online Training Suite subscription is included with each sponsored license. Access 100+ hours of in-depth training at your own pace.

Apply to the MathWorks Technical Mentorship Program

Connect with technical experts at MathWorks for deeper help with the products.

Apply to the MathWorks Startup Promotion Program

Apply to be featured on the MathWorks website and social media.

Technical Resources

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Support system design workflow, system-level simulation, and AI model deployment.



Develop electrical technology from components to systems.

Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Design, simulate, and test next-generation medical devices while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Programming languages

MATLAB with Other Programming Languages

Seamless integration saves you time.


Hardware Support

Connect MATLAB and Simulink to hardware.

Medical Devices

Physical System Modeling

Model and simulate multidomain physical systems.

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