Learning and Self-Improvement

We maintain curiosity toward the world and have a passion for lifelong learning. We believe in continuous self-improvement and developing our own leadership skills:

  • Invest in your own learning
    • Learn, grow, and improve by reading, listening, asking, noticing, taking things apart, networking, teaching, subscribing, training, browsing, and exploring
    • Seek out feedback from others and opportunities for personal growth
    • Expose yourself to new things, even if they don’t directly help your job today
    • Seek ways to apply what you’ve learned
    • Compete against yourself—not others—to take each of your skills to the next level
    • Strive to get out of your comfort zone
  • Develop your own leadership skills—it’s everyone’s business to be a leader
    • Lead by example
    • Find passion and joy in your work
    • Take initiative and ownership
    • Approach everything with a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and optimism

Processes and Programs That Support Learning and Self-Improvement

Professional Subscriptions

MathWorks will pay for annual subscriptions to periodicals that apply directly to your work. These periodicals can be mailed to your home address or to MathWorks.

Onsite Training Programs and Resources

To support our training philosophy, we offer the following programs and resources.


Books on business, self-improvement, interpersonal relationships, and other topics are available in our Natick campus library.


We offer several courses each year on topics in health, fitness, parenting, and financial planning.


  • Big Picture Orientation. A comprehensive, intensive program designed to give new staff members a clear idea of how the company operates and a better understanding of its values, culture, and history.
  • New Manager Orientation. A series of three interactive sessions on recruitment, performance management, compensation, employee relations, legal issues, and MathWorks administration.

Leadership and Management

  • Performance Management. A three-day seminar, for all new managers and team leaders, on basic management skills, such as performance planning, getting good information from others, and evaluating performance.
  • Leadership Is Everybody’s Business. This course is based on the same concepts as The Leadership Challenge but is geared to individual contributors. It introduces the leadership principles and uses experiential learning to show how you can apply these principles to your role at MathWorks.

Professional Skills

  • Behavior-Based Interviewing. This one-day workshop is designed to increase the accuracy of the staff selection process.
  • Write to the Top - Business Writing. This workshop focuses on organizing ideas, writing concisely, and using correct grammar.
  • Negotiation Skills. This class examines the way you currently conduct negotiations and explores the connections between negotiating and relationship-building.
  • Presentation Skills. This workshop teaches the dynamics of presentation through practice, coaching, and video analysis.

Technical Skills

  • Applications Training. Applications training courses at all levels are available in Microsoft Office. Courses in Crystal Reporting, UNIX, and FrontPage are also offered.
  • Programming Training. Courses include C++, Java, XML, Perl, Emacs, Elementary Compiler Writing, SQL, and Javascript.