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Battery Management System for Medical Devices


Battery management system (BMS) provides for safe and efficient operation of handheld medical devices and portable medical equipment; and plays key role in longer usable life and fast charging of devices. As use of rechargeable Li-Ion batteries becomes mainstream in portable medical equipment, engineers need to design battery packs and develop algorithms to monitor key battery parameters, estimate state-of-charge and state-of-health, and cell balancing.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how to design and simulate battery packs using Simscape Battery, design detailed algorithms for BMS, and test the entire system in a closed-loop. We will showcase how to implement and test algorithms on embedded platforms, including Kalman Filter based SOC estimation, fault diagnostics and cell balancing.


  • Battery Cell and Battery Pack Design and Simulation
  • Algorithm Design and Testing of BMS
  • Hardware Implementation and Testing of BMS Algorithms

Who Should Attend

Engineers, researchers, and scientists working with battery powered medical devices

Product Focus

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Battery Management System for Medical Devices

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