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Customize 3D Scenes for Aerospace Blockset Simulations

Aerospace Blockset™ contains a prebuilt airport scene in which to simulate and visualize the performance of aerospace vehicles modeled in Simulink®. This scene is visualized using a standalone Unreal® executable within the toolbox. If you have Unreal from Epic Games® and the Aerospace Blockset Interface for Unreal Engine® Projects installed, you can customize this scene as well as an additional Griffiss International Airport scene. You can also use the support package to simulate within your scenes from your own custom project.

Simulating models in the 3D visualization environment requires Simulink 3D Animation™.

With custom scenes, you can co-simulate in both Simulink and the Unreal Editor so that you can modify your scenes between simulation runs. To customize scenes, you should be familiar with creating and modifying scenes in the Unreal Editor.

To customize 3D scenes, follow these steps:

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