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Math Operations

Blocks for common mathematical and matrix operations, including sine and cosine generation; 3-by-3 matrix operations


3x3 Cross ProductCalculate cross product of two 3-by-1 vectors
Adjoint of 3x3 MatrixCompute adjoint of matrix
Create 3x3 MatrixCreate 3-by-3 matrix from nine input values
Determinant of 3x3 MatrixCompute determinant of matrix
Invert 3x3 MatrixCompute inverse of 3-by-3 matrix
Quaternion ConjugateCalculate conjugate of quaternion
Quaternion DivisionDivide quaternion by another quaternion
Quaternion InterpolationQuaternion interpolation between two quaternions
Quaternion InverseCalculate inverse of quaternion
Quaternion ModulusCalculate modulus of quaternion
Quaternion MultiplicationCalculate product of two quaternions
Quaternion NormCalculate norm of quaternion
Quaternion NormalizeNormalize quaternion
Quaternion RotationRotate vector by quaternion