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Convert from angle units to desired angle units


convertedValues = convang(valuesToConvert, inputAngleUnits, outputAngleUnits)


convertedValues = convang(valuesToConvert, inputAngleUnits, outputAngleUnits) computes the conversion factor from specified input angle units to specified output angle units. It then applies the conversion factor to the input to produce the output in the desired units. inputAngleUnits and outputAngleUnits are character vectors or strings.

Input Arguments


Floating-point array of size m-by-n values the function is to convert. All values must have the same unit conversions from inputAngleUnits to outputAngleUnits.


Specified input angle units. Supported units are:



Specified output angle units. Supported units are:


Output Arguments


Floating-point array of size m-by-n values that the function has converted.


Convert three angles from degrees to radians:

a = convang([3 10 20],'deg','rad')

a =

    0.0524    0.1745    0.3491

Introduced in R2006b