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Audio Plugin Creation and Hosting

VST generation, testing, and validation; AU and VST hosting

Audio System Toolbox™ enables you to debug and validate your MATLAB® audio plugins using a series of static and dynamic tests. You can then generate VST audio plugins and deploy to your preferred digital audio workstation (DAW). You can also host VST, VST3, and AU plugins in MATLAB by using the loadAudioPlugin function.


audioPluginInterfaceSpecify audio plugin interface
audioPluginParameterSpecify audio plugin parameters
validateAudioPlugin Test MATLAB source code for audio plugin
generateAudioPlugin Generate audio plugin from MATLAB class
loadAudioPlugin Load VST, VST3, and AU plugins into MATLAB environment


audioPluginBase class for audio plugins
audioPluginSourceBase class for audio source plugins
externalAudioPluginBase class for external audio plugins
externalAudioPluginSourceBase class for external audio source plugins


Design an Audio Plugin

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Audio Plugin Example Gallery

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Tips and Tricks for Plugin Authoring

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