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Code Generation and Deployment

Generate standalone applications for desktop computers, mobile devices, and embedded targets

After you develop your application using Audio Toolbox™ features, you can generate portable C/C++ source code, standalone executables, or standalone applications from your MATLAB® code or Simulink® model. With code generation, you can:

  • Run your algorithm on machines that do not have MATLAB or Simulink installed.

  • Speed up processing while you work in the MATLAB or Simulink environment.

  • Embed your algorithm in hardware.

  • Incorporate your algorithms into legacy code.

This table compares deployment characteristics of MATLAB Compiler™ and MATLAB Coder™ functionality. Use this table to decide how to deploy your MATLAB code or Simulink model.

Deployment CharacteristicUsing MATLAB Compiler FunctionalityUsing MATLAB Coder Functionality
OutputNonreadable shared libraries.Portable and readable C source code.
Library dependencyMATLAB Runtime.

Library dependency only for audio I/O features: Run Audio I/O Features Outside MATLAB and Simulink.

Supported platforms for deployment

Windows®, Mac, and Linux®.

Any platform that supports ANSI®/ISO® C/C++ code.

Intellectual property protection

Packaged code is encrypted.

Code is not encrypted. You can protect your IP by generating shared libraries instead of readable code.

Algorithm acceleration

Same speed as MATLAB.

Potentially faster, depending on the algorithm.

MATLAB graphicsSupported.Not supported.

To deploy an audio plugin to a digital audio workstation, see Export a MATLAB Plugin to a DAW.

To deploy an audio plugin to Simulink, see Include an Audio Plugin in Simulink.