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Audio I/O and Waveform Generation

Record and play audio from devices, read and write audio files, generate waveforms

Audio System Toolbox™ blocks and System objects enable real-time audio input and output. Using the enhanced functionality of Audio System Toolbox audio I/O, you can interact with the low-latency ASIO driver on Windows, selectively map to and from device channels, and control your device bit depth.

You can also generate tunable periodic waveforms to create test signals, control signals, and your own unique sounds.


asiosettingsOpen settings panel for ASIO driver
getAudioDevicesList available audio devices

System Objects

audioPlayerRecorderSimultaneously play and record using an audio device
audioDeviceReaderRecord from sound card
dsp.AudioFileReaderStream from audio file
audioDeviceWriterPlay to sound card
dsp.AudioFileWriterStream to audio file
audioOscillatorGenerate sine, square, and sawtooth waveforms
wavetableSynthesizerGenerate periodic signal from single-cycle waveforms


audioDatastoreDatastore for collection of audio files


Audio Device ReaderRecord from sound card
From Multimedia FileStream from multimedia file
Audio Device WriterPlay to sound card
To Multimedia FileStream video frames and audio samples to multimedia file


Audio I/O: Buffering, Latency, and Throughput

Learn key terminology and basic techniques for optimizing stream processing algorithms.

Sample Audio Files

Audio files for comparative algorithm testing.

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