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Create object for Analog Devices ADALM-PLUTO radio


Add-On Required: This feature requires the Communications Toolbox Support Package for Analog Devices ADALM-Pluto Radio add-on.

Radio object for interacting with the ADALM-PLUTO radio.




dev = sdrdev('Pluto') Creates a comm.SDRDevPluto radio object using the sdrdev function.


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Name of radio hardware, specified as a character vector. Currently, 'Pluto' is the only valid input in this support package.

Example: 'Pluto'

Radio identification number, specified as one of the following character vectors:

  • (recommended) A device-independent index, with the prefix usb:, such as 'usb:0', 'usb:1', 'usb:2', …, indicating the first, second, third, ..., attached ADALM-PLUTO radio, respectively

  • An IP address, with the prefix ip:, such as 'ip:'

  • A serial number, represented by a hexadecimal string with the prefix sn:, such as'sn:100000235523730700230031090216eaeb'


When working with multiple radios, if devices are inserted or removed, the host computer assignment of USB addresses might change. Any time an SDR device is inserted or removed from a USB port, the host computer polls all USB ports and assigns or reassigns the radio addresses associated with connected devices.

USB address assignment for multiple radios

When operating on Windows® keep these considerations in mind.

  • When running multiple radios on the same host in separate MATLAB® sessions, for each MATLAB session the first radio is assigned usb:0, and the ID number increments by one for subsequent radios.

  • Radios that are being used by one MATLAB are not seen by other MATLAB sessions. Use findPlutoRadio and check the reported serial number to identify the radios seen in a particular MATLAB session.

To ensure that all assigned radio identities remain static, do not connect or disconnect radios after SDR objects have been created. The best practice is to connect radios and create SDR objects in this order:

  1. Clear all SDR objects.

  2. Connect all radios.

  3. Check to confirm that the connected radios are recognized by running this command:


  4. Create SDR objects.

To interface with the radio hardware, the RadioID property of the radio object must match the radio ID of the radio hardware. Update the RadioID property, if necessary.

When running multiple radios on the same host, the host assigns each radio a different radio ID. When identifying the radio by USB ID, the first radio is assigned usb:0, and the ID number increments by one for subsequent radios. For example, to assign IDs to two radios connected on the same host computer, at the MATLAB command prompt, enter:

rx = sdrrx('Pluto','RadioID','usb:0'); 
tx = sdrtx('Pluto','RadioID','usb:1');


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Create a radio object for interacting with the ADALM-PLUTO radio.

dev = sdrdev('Pluto')
dev = 

SDR device: comm.SDRDevPluto

     RadioID: ''
    DeviceName: 'Pluto'

Version History

Introduced in R2017a