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System object: comm.BasebandFileWriter
Package: comm

Characteristic information about baseband file writer


s = info(bbw)


s = info(bbw) returns a structure, s, containing characteristic information for the BasebandFileWriter System object™, bbw. s has these fields:

  • Filename is the name of the baseband data file, returned as a character vector. The filename shows the absolute path.

  • SamplesPerFrame is the number of samples in each frame, returned as a positive integer.

  • NumChannels is the number of channels, returned as a positive integer greater than or equal to 1.

  • DataType is the input data type.

  • NumSamplesWritten is the number of samples written to the file, returned as a positive integer. This field returns the smaller of the total number of samples processed by the object and the NumSamplesWritten property.


All fields are available when the object is locked. When the object is unlocked, only the Filename and NumSamplesWritten fields are available.