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Define deployed execution for mapreduce


Use this function with MATLAB® Compiler™ to specify information about the execution environment for standalone applications that execute against Hadoop®.

mapreducer(config) specifies execution environment. When deploying a standalone application against Hadoop, config is an object of matlab.mapreduce.DeployHadoopMapReducer class.

mr = mapreducer(config) returns a MapReducer object to specify the execution environment. You can define MapReducer objects, allowing you to swap execution environments by passing one as an input argument to mapreduce.


Create a mapreducer Object in Deployed Mode

mr = mapreducer(...

Input Arguments

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mapreducer object for running in deployed environment, specified as a matlab.mapreduce.DeployHadoopMapReducer object.

Example: config = mapreducer(matlab.mapreduce.DeployHadoopMapReducer('MCRRoot','/hd-shared/hadoop-2.2.0/MCR/v84'))

Output Arguments

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Execution environment for mapreduce, returned as a mapreducer object.


  • mapreducer and mapreducer(0) enables different configurations based on the products you have. In MATLAB, the mapreduce function automatically runs using a SerialMapReducer. For more information, see mapreducer.

    If you have Parallel Computing Toolbox™, see the function reference page for mapreducer (Parallel Computing Toolbox) for additional information.

Version History

Introduced in R2014b