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View and Edit DDS Definitions

After the DDS Application Quick Start creates your default DDS definitions, these definitions are stored in the DDS Dictionary. You use these definitions to configure the DDS aspects of your application. You can view and edit these definitions at any time.

To view your recently created DDS definitions:

  1. Open the DDS Dictionary. To open the DDS Dictionary, on the DDS tab, click Code Interface and select DDS Dictionary.

  2. View your created default DDS Types. In the open Types pane, click the TypeLibrary to view the DDS data types. Click each DDS data type to view the equivalent Simulink® data type in the Details pane.

    Types tab of the DDS Dictionary.

  3. View your created default Domains and Topics. Click the Domains tab. You can view the created Library (ShapesDomainLibrary), Domain (ShapesDomain), and Topics (Circle, Square, Triangle). Also note that in the Details pane, you can view and set the Registered Type for each Topic.

    Domains tab of the DDS Dictionary.

  4. View your created default Quality of Service (QoS) profiles. Click the QoS tab. You can view the default Library, BuiltInQosLibrary, composed of four QoS profiles specified by application type:

    • Event-based applications

    • Real-time event-based applications

    • Real-time stream applications

    • Stream applications

    QoS tab of the DDS Dictionary.

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