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Code Generation Output

Select output type and deployment type that the code generator uses to produce code for a loaded model

To generate code to run on a specific target platform, configure the code generation output for your model. Consider your code configuration for these target platforms:

  • The MATLAB® development computer that runs MathWorks® software during application development.

  • The test hardware on which you test code during rapid prototyping.

  • The production hardware on which you deploy generated code.

The code generation output is controlled by the system target file, language, and deployment type that you specify for the model. These settings control which code generation options are available in the Configuration Parameters dialog box and in the Code Mappings editor. Use these options to configure the generated code to run on your target hardware.


Embedded CoderGenerate readable, compact, and fast C and C++ code for embedded processors used in mass production (Since R2019b)


switchTargetSelect target for model configuration set