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Fault Simulation

Simulate faults in models to analyze model responses

Use Simulink® Fault Analyzer™ to simulate faults and conditionals. Conduct fault exploration by using the Multiple Simulations panel. Compare simulation results and inspect fault effects by using the Simulation Data Inspector.


Multiple SimulationsRun multiple simulations from the Simulink Editor (Since R2021b)
Simulation Data InspectorInspect and compare data and simulation results to validate and iterate model designs
Simulation ManagerMonitor multiple simulations and visualize the simulation data
Simulink Test ManagerModel and code testing in different execution environments, manage test suites, and analyze and report results


activateSet fault as active fault (Since R2023b)
Simulink.fault.enableEnable or disable faults on model elements (Since R2023b)
Simulink.fault.injectionEnable fault simulation for model (Since R2023b)
Simulink.fault.isEnabledDetermine whether model elements are enabled for fault injection (Since R2023b)


FaultCreate or modify faults in models (Since R2023b)
ConditionalCreate or modify conditionals in models (Since R2023b)
SymbolCreate or modify symbols in conditionals (Since R2023b)

Simulink Test Manager Fault Configuration

sltest.testmanager.FaultSetCreate or modify fault set
sltest.testmanager.SpecifiedFaultCreate or modify faults added to fault sets in tests
sltest.testmanager.refreshFaultsRefresh list of faults available in specified model in Simulink Test Manager