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Multiple Simulations

Run multiple simulations from the Simulink Editor

Since R2021b


Multiple Simulations panel allows you to set up multiple simulations for a block parameter that you want to vary, for example, for a parameter sweep, or Monte Carlo simulations. You can pick the block parameter of interest from the model canvas and specify values that you want to use for the simulations. You can also specify variables for the simulations. With the Multiple Simulations panel, you can provide configurations such as Use Parallel to run your simulations in parallel. To run the simulations that you have set up, first, select the design study, then click the Run All button in the Simulation section on the Simulink® toolstrip. Once the simulations are complete, you can view and manage the results in Simulation Manager.

Screenshot of the Multiple Simulations Panel

Open the Multiple Simulations

  • To open the Multiple Simulations panel, navigate to the Prepare section on the Simulink toolstrip. In the Inputs & Parameter Tuning section, click Multiple Simulations Icon of Multiple Simulations.

Programmatic Use

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parsim(in) is the command line equivalent syntax for the command line.

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Version History

Introduced in R2021b