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Evaluate fuzzy membership function


y = evalmf(mf,x)



y = evalmf(mf,x) evaluates one or more membership functions in mf based on the input values in x.


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Evaluate a generalized bell-shaped membership function across a range of input values from 0 through 10.

x = 0:0.1:10;
mf = fismf("gbellmf",[2 4 6]);
y = evalmf(mf,x);

Plot the evaluation.

xlabel('gbellmf, P = [2 4 6]')

Create a vector of three Gaussian membership functions.

mf = [fismf("gaussmf",[0.9 2.5],'Name',"low");
      fismf("gaussmf",[0.9 5],'Name',"medium");
      fismf("gaussmf",[0.9 7.55],'Name',"high")];

Specify the input range over which to evaluate the membership functions.

x = (-2:0.1:12)';

Evaluate the membership functions.

y = evalmf(mf,x);

Plot the evaluation results.

xlabel('Input (x)')
ylabel('Membership value (y)')

Input Arguments

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Membership function, specified as a fismf object or a vector of fismf objects.

Input value, specified as a scalar, vector, or 2-D matrix. If mf is a:

  • Single fismf object, then you can specify x as a scalar, vector, or matrix.

  • Vector of fismf objects, then you can specify x as a scalar or vector

Output Arguments

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Output membership value, returned as a scalar, vector, or 2-D matrix. If mf is a:

  • Single fismf object, then y is a scalar, vector, or matrix with the same dimensions as x. Each element of y is the evaluated membership value for the corresponding element of x.

  • Vector of fismf objects, then y is an M-by-N matrix, where M and N are the lengths of mf and x, respectively. y(i,j) is the evaluated value of membership function mf(i) for input value x(j).

Compatibility Considerations

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Behavior changed in R2018b

Introduced before R2006a