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View HDL-Supported Blocks and HDL-Specific Block Documentation

View HDL-Supported Blocks and Documentation

You can generate efficient HDL code for a number of blocks in Simulink® and other product libraries. To see the product libraries that support HDL code generation use the hdllib function. This function filters the library browser to show blocks that are supported for HDL code generation. To learn more, see Display Blocks for HDL Code Generation in Library Browser.

This table shows blocks in various product libraries supported for HDL code generation. To view usage notes and limitations, in the corresponding reference page, scroll down to the Extended Capabilities section at the bottom and expand the HDL Code Generation section.

HDL code generation support for the blocks is summarized in the following tables.

View HDL-Specific Block Documentation

The HDL Block Properties dialog box contains HDL-specific properties for each block and subsystem in your model. On this dialog box, you can click the Help button to navigate to the documentation for that block. See also HDL Block Properties: General and HDL Block Properties: Native Floating Point.

To view HDL-specific block documentation, either:

  • In the Apps tab, select HDL Coder. The HDL Code tab appears. Select the block for which you want to see the help documentation and then select HDL Block Properties. To view the block documentation, click Help.

  • Right-click the block and select HDL Code > HDL Block Properties. To view the block documentation, click Help.

You see the documentation in the Extended Capabilities > HDL Code Generation section of the block page in the product that owns the block.

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