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Convert multivalued logic to decimal


mvl2dec('mv_logic_char', signed)


mvl2dec('mv_logic_char') converts a multivalued logic character vector to a positive decimal. If mv_logic_char contains any character other than '0' or '1', NaN is returned. mv_logic_char must be a vector.

mvl2dec('mv_logic_char', signed) converts a multivalued logic character vector to a positive or a negative decimal. If signed is true, this function assumes the first character mv_logic_char(1) to be a signed bit of a 2s complement number. If signed is missing or false, the multivalued logic character vector becomes a positive decimal.


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The mvl2dec function accepts strings of binary digits and returns decimal integer values.

ans = 23

The following function call returns NaN because the binary digits are not either 1s and 0s.

ans = NaN

The second argument indicates that the string is a signed number.

ans = -9

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Introduced in R2008a