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Transaction Level Model Generation

Generation of SystemC TLM virtual prototypes

HDL Verifier™ integrates with Simulink® Coder™ or Embedded Coder® to export SystemC™ TLM-compatible transaction-level models. You can integrate this component into your HDL simulation as a behavioral model.

The TLM generation tool provides a default socket and memory configuration. To customize the socket and memory map of the TLM component, provide an IP-XACT™ file. You can configure the generated component to use a SystemC thread or a callback function.

HDL Verifier generates a TLM test bench, test vectors, and a makefile to verify the component and assist with integration into your HDL simulator environment.

To use this functionality, download and install the ASIC Testbench for HDL Verifier add-on.


Generate TLM Component and Test Bench

Define Memory Map

  • Prepare IP-XACT File for Import
    To customize the TLM interface of the component you want to generate, you can import your own IP-XACT XML file into the TLM generator.
  • Contents of Generated IP-XACT File
    The TLM generator automatically generates an IP-XACT file that complies with IEEE® Standard for IP-XACT 1685-2009.
  • Implement Memory Map with SCML
    The SystemC Modeling Library (SCML) is a TLM 2.0 compatible API library for creating TLM model interfaces for use with Synopsys® prototyping tools.

Export TLM Component

  • Export TLM Component
    After code generation completes, go to your working folder.
  • TLM Component Constructor
    Describes the generated TLM components constructor and default parameters, with information for changing those parameters.
  • Testing TLM Components
    The test bench generation option is controlled by the TLM Testbench tab of the Configuration Parameters dialog box.