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Erode an Image To Remove Thin Lines

This example shows how to erode a binary image using the imerode function.

Read a binary image into the workspace. Display the image.

BW1 = imread('circbw.tif');

Create a structuring element. The following code creates a diagonal structuring element object.

SE = strel('arbitrary',eye(7))
SE = 
strel is a arbitrary shaped structuring element with properties:

      Neighborhood: [7x7 logical]
    Dimensionality: 2

Erode the image, specifying the input image and the structuring element as arguments to the imerode function.

BW2 = imerode(BW1,SE);

Display the original image and the eroded image. Notice the diagonal streaks on the right side of the output image. These are due to the shape of the structuring element.