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Understand Code Generation with Image Processing Toolbox

The Image Processing Toolbox™ includes many functions that support the generation of efficient C code using MATLAB® Coder™. These functions support code generation in several ways:

  • Some functions generate standalone C code that can be incorporated into applications that run on many platforms, such as ARM processors.

  • Some functions generate C code that use a platform-specific shared library. The Image Processing Toolbox uses this shared library approach to preserve performance optimizations, but this limits the platforms on which you can run this code to only platforms that can host MATLAB. To view a list of host platforms, see system requirements.

  • Some functions can generate either standalone C code or generate code that depends on a shared library, depending upon which target you choose in the MATLAB Coder configuration settings. If you choose the generic MATLAB Host Computer option, these functions deliver code that uses a shared library. If you choose any other platform option, these functions deliver C code.

The following diagram illustrates the difference between generating C code and generating code that uses a shared library.

For a complete list of Image Processing Toolbox that support code generation, with information about the type of code generated, see List of Supported Functions with Usage Notes.