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App Designer Preferences

You can set App Designer preferences in the MATLAB® Preferences dialog box. To open the dialog box, click Preferences in the MATLAB Toolstrip. Then, select App Designer in the left pane.

This table describes each option in the right pane.

Show grid with intervalWhen selected, App Designer overlays a grid onto the canvas as an alignment aide. You can change the grid spacing to a specific number of pixels. The default spacing is 10.
Snap to gridWhen selected, the upper left corner of a component always snaps to the intersection of two grid lines whenever you resize or move the component on the canvas.
Show alignment hintsWhen selected, App Designer displays alignment hints as you resize or move a component on the canvas.
Show resizing hintsWhen selected, App Designer displays the size of a component as you resize it on the canvas.
Font SizeYou can change the font size that displays in App Designer Code View. The font size can range from 14–48 pixels. The default font size is 14 pixels.
Enable app coding alertsWhen selected, App Designer flags coding problems in the editor as you write code.
Read-only backgroundYou can change the background color of the uneditable code sections in App Designer Code View. To change the background color, clear the Use system colors check box in the MATLAB Colors preferences. Then, select a new color from the color drop-down in the App Designer preferences. The default background color is gray.
Include component labels in Component BrowserWhen selected, labels included with components (such as edit fields) appear as separate items in the Component Browser. When this item is not selected, those labels do not appear in the Component Browser.
Number of entries (most recently used file list)This number specifies how many of the most recently accessed apps appear under the Recent Files section of the Open menu in the Designer tab.
Automatic File ChangesWhen selected, App Designer automatically saves changes to an app when you click away from it to switch between apps or to bring another window into focus. If an app has not already been saved at least once, autosave has no effect.

To customize the App Designer canvas and Component Browser settings programmatically, use matlab.appdesigner Settings.

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