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Read, write, display, and modify images

MATLAB® images are arrays of numeric data on which you can perform analysis. For more information, see Working with Image Types in MATLAB.


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imshowDisplay image
imageDisplay image from array
imagescDisplay image with scaled colors
imreadRead image from graphics file
imresizeResize image
imtileCombine multiple image frames into one rectangular tiled image
imwriteWrite image to graphics file
imfinfoInformation about graphics file
imformatsManage image file format registry
cmap2grayConvert RGB colormap to grayscale colormap (Since R2020b)
frame2imReturn image data associated with movie frame
im2grayConvert RGB image to grayscale (Since R2020b)
im2frameConvert image to movie frame
im2doubleConvert image to double precision
ind2rgbConvert indexed image to RGB image
rgb2grayConvert RGB image or colormap to grayscale
rgb2indConvert RGB image to indexed image
getrangefromclassDefault display range of image based on its class
imapproxApproximate indexed image by reducing number of colors
ditherConvert image, increasing apparent color resolution by dithering
cmpermuteRearrange colors in colormap
cmuniqueEliminate duplicate colors in colormap; convert grayscale or truecolor image to indexed image


Image PropertiesImage appearance and behavior