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Migrate GUIDE Apps

Migrate apps built with GUIDE to App Designer, or export GUIDE apps to a MATLAB® file


The GUIDE environment will be removed in a future release. After GUIDE is removed, existing GUIDE apps will continue to run in MATLAB but they will not be editable in GUIDE.

To continue editing an existing GUIDE app, see GUIDE Migration Strategies for information on how to help maintain compatibility of the app with future MATLAB releases. To create new apps interactively, Develop Apps Using App Designer instead.

If you want to create a new app in an interactive environment, use App Designer. The GUIDE design environment is the original drag-and-drop environment for creating apps, and it will be removed in a future release. App Designer is the replacement for GUIDE. If you previously created an app with GUIDE, it will continue to run, but it will not be editable in GUIDE. If you want to make edits to the layout of your GUIDE app, either migrate it to App Designer or export it to a MATLAB program file. For more information, see GUIDE Migration Strategies.


appmigration.migrateGUIDEAppMigrate GUIDE apps to App Designer (Since R2023a)
guide(To be removed) Create or edit UI file in GUIDE


Migrate GUIDE Apps

Maintain Existing GUIDE Apps Before Migrating