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Numerical Integration and Differentiation

Quadratures, double and triple integrals, and multidimensional derivatives


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integralNumerical integration
integral2Numerically evaluate double integral
integral3Numerically evaluate triple integral
quadgkNumerically evaluate integral, adaptive Gauss-Kronrod quadrature
quad2dNumerically evaluate double integral — tiled method
cumtrapzCumulative trapezoidal numerical integration
trapzTrapezoidal numerical integration
polyintPolynomial integration
del2Discrete Laplacian
diffDifferences and Approximate Derivatives
gradientNumerical gradient
polyderPolynomial differentiation


Integration to Find Arc Length

This example shows how to parametrize a curve and compute the arc length using integral.

Complex Line Integrals

This example shows how to calculate complex line integrals using the 'Waypoints' option of the integral function.

Singularity on Interior of Integration Domain

This example shows how to split the integration domain to place a singularity on the boundary.

Analytic Solution to Integral of Polynomial

This example shows how to use the polyint function to integrate polynomial expressions analytically.

Integration of Numeric Data

This example shows how to integrate a set of discrete velocity data numerically to approximate the distance traveled.

Calculate Tangent Plane to Surface

This example shows how to approximate gradients of a function by finite differences.