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Object Containers

Grouping objects and operating on the group as a whole


hggroupCreate group object
hgtransformTransform graphics objects
makehgtformCreate 4-by-4 transform matrix
eyeIdentity matrix


Group PropertiesGroup object appearance and behavior
Transform PropertiesTransform object appearance and behavior


  • Object Groups

    Group objects are invisible containers for graphics objects. Use group objects to form a collection of objects that can behave as one object in certain respects.

  • Transforms Supported by hgtransform

    The transform object's Matrix property applies a transform to all the object’s children in unison.

  • Create Object Groups

    Create an object group by parenting objects to a group or transform object.

  • Rotate About an Arbitrary Axis

    This example shows how to rotate an object about an arbitrary axis.

  • Nest Transforms for Complex Movements

    This example creates a nested hierarchy of transform objects, which are then transformed in sequence to create a cube from six squares.