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Utilities for working with MATLAB HDF gateway functions


tag = hdfml('tagnum',tagname)
nbytes = hdfml('sizeof',data_type)


hdfml('closeall') closes all open registered HDF file and data object identifiers.

hdfml('listinfo') prints information about all open registered HDF file and data object identifiers.

tag = hdfml('tagnum',tagname) returns the tag number corresponding to the tag name specified by tagname.

nbytes = hdfml('sizeof',data_type) returns size in bytes of specified data type.

hdfml('defaultchartype',char_type) defines the HDF data type for text data in MATLAB®. Valid values for char_type are 'char8' or 'uchar8'. The change persists until the MATLAB HDF gateway function is cleared from memory. Text data in MATLAB are mapped to char8 by default.

The MATLAB HDF gateway functions maintain lists of certain HDF file and data object identifiers so that, for example, HDF objects and files can be properly closed when a user issues the command:

clear mex
These lists are updated whenever these identifiers are created or closed.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a