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Gateway to VH functions in HDF Vdata interface


[out1,...,outN] = hdfvh(funcstr,input1,...,inputN)


hdfvh is the MATLAB® gateway to VH functions in the HDF Vdata interface.

[out1,...,outN] = hdfvh(funcstr,input1,...,inputN) returns one or more outputs corresponding to the VH function in the HDF library specified by functstr.

There is a one-to-one correspondence between VH functions in the HDF library and valid values for funcstr.

High-level Vdata Functions

High-level Vdata functions write data to single-field vdatas.

Value of funcstrFunction SyntaxDescription
'makegroup'vgroup_ref = hdfvh('makegroup',file_id,tags,refs,.. vgroup_name,vgroup_class)Groups a collection of data objects within a vgroup.
'storedata'count = hdfvh('storedata',file_id,fieldname,data,... vdata_name,vdata_class)Creates vdatas containing records limited to one field with one component per field.
'storedatam'count = hdfvh('storedatam',file_id,fieldname,data,... vdata_name,vdata_class)Creates vdatas containing records with one field containing one or more components.

Output Arguments

A status or identifier output of -1 indicates that the operation failed.

Introduced before R2006a