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Convert integers to characters




string is recommended over int2str for combining numeric scalars with text. Use the + operator to combine strings and numeric values for improved readability. For additional information, see Alternative Functionality.

chr = int2str(N) treats N as a matrix of integers and converts it to a character array that represents the integers. If N contains floating-point values, int2str rounds them before conversion.


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Convert an integer.

chr = int2str(256)
chr = 

Round off a floating-point value and convert it.

chr = int2str(3.14159)
chr = 

Convert a numeric matrix.

chr = int2str([5 10 20;100 200 400])
chr = 2x13 char array
    '  5   10   20'
    '100  200  400'

Input Arguments

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Input array, specified as a numeric matrix.


  • int2str returns character arrays only. Starting in R2016b, you can convert numeric arrays to string arrays using the string function.

Alternative Functionality

Update code that makes use of int2str to combine numeric scalars with text to use string instead. Numeric values can be combined with strings using the + operator. Note that string does not truncate floating-point values. For example:

Not RecommendedRecommended
newstr = ['The value is ' int2str(4.5)]
newstr =

    'The value is 4.5'
newstr = "The value is " + 4.5
newstr =

    "The value is 4.5"

Extended Capabilities

Version History

Introduced before R2006a