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Convert integers to characters


chr = int2str(N)



chr = int2str(N) treats N as a matrix of integers and converts it to a character array that represents the integers. If N contains floating-point values, int2str rounds them before conversion.


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Convert an integer.

chr = int2str(256)
chr = 

Round off a floating-point value and convert it.

chr = int2str(3.14159)
chr = 

Convert a numeric matrix.

chr = int2str([5 10 20;100 200 400])
chr = 2x13 char array
    '  5   10   20'
    '100  200  400'

Input Arguments

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Input array, specified as a numeric matrix.


  • int2str returns character arrays only. Starting in R2016b, you can convert numeric arrays to string arrays using the string function.

Extended Capabilities

Introduced before R2006a