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matlab.system.display.Icon Class

Namespace: matlab.system.display

Specify custom image as icon for MATLAB System block


Use the matlab.system.display.Icon class inside the getIconImpl method to specify a custom image to use as the icon for a MATLAB System (Simulink) block.

Class Attributes


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icon = matlab.system.display.Icon(img) specifies the icon for a MATLAB System block as the image img.

Input Arguments

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Image for block icon, specified as a string or a character vector that defines the name of the file that contains the image. When the image file is not on the path, specify the full path to the file.

The image file must use a format supported for block masks. Images in .cur, .hdf4, .ioc, .pcx, .ras, .xwd and .svg cannot be used as block mask images.

Example: "image.png"


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Define an image to use as the icon for a MATLAB System block in the class definition file.

    methods(Access = protected)
        function icon = getIconImpl(~)
            icon = matlab.system.display.Icon("my_icon.png");

The specified image is now used as the icon for the MATLAB System block.

A MATLAB System block has an icon that uses an image of a circular gauge.

Version History

Introduced in R2017a