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Join strings in array


str = strjoin(C)
str = strjoin(C,delimiter)



str = strjoin(C) constructs str by linking the elements of C with a space between consecutive elements. C can be a cell array of character vectors or a string array.


str = strjoin(C,delimiter) constructs str by linking each element of C with the elements in delimiter.


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Join individual character vectors in a cell array of character vectors, C, with a single space.

C = {'one','two','three'};
str = strjoin(C)
str = 
'one two three'

Join the character vectors in a cell array into one character vector. Specify a comma followed by a space character as the delimiter.

C = {'Newton','Gauss','Euclid','Lagrange'}
C = 1x4 cell array
    {'Newton'}    {'Gauss'}    {'Euclid'}    {'Lagrange'}

str = strjoin(C,', ')
str = 
'Newton, Gauss, Euclid, Lagrange'

Specify multiple different delimiters in a cell array of character vectors. The delimiter cell array must have one fewer element than C.

C = {'one','two','three'};
str = strjoin(C,{' + ',' = '})
str = 
'one + two = three'

Input Arguments

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Input text, specified as a 1-by-n cell array of character vectors or string array.

Example: {'The','rain','in','Spain'}

Example: string({'Four','score','and','seven'})

Data Types: cell | string

Delimiting characters, specified as a character vector, a 1-by-n cell array of character vectors, or a 1-by-n string array.

  • If delimiter is a character vector, then strjoin forms str by inserting delimiter between each element of C. The delimiter input can include any of these escape sequences:










    Form feed


    New line


    Carriage return


    Horizontal tab


    Vertical tab

  • If delimiter is a cell array of character vectors, then it must contain one fewer element than C. Each element in the cell array must contain a character vector. strjoin forms str by interleaving the elements of delimiter and C. All characters in delimiter are inserted as literal text, and escape sequences are not supported.

Example: ', '

Example: {',',' '}

Data Types: char | cell | string


  • Starting in R2016b, the join function is recommended to join elements of a string array.

Extended Capabilities

Introduced in R2013a