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Viewpoint specification


[az,el] = view


The position of the viewer (the viewpoint) determines the orientation of the axes. You specify the viewpoint in terms of azimuth and elevation, or by a point in three-dimensional space.

view(az,el) and view([az,el]) set the viewing angle for a three-dimensional plot. The azimuth, az, is the horizontal rotation about the z-axis as measured in degrees from the negative y-axis. Positive values indicate counterclockwise rotation of the viewpoint. el is the vertical elevation of the viewpoint in degrees. Positive values of elevation correspond to moving above the object; negative values correspond to moving below the object.

view([x,y,z]) sets the view direction to the Cartesian coordinates x, y, and z. The magnitude of (x,y,z) is ignored.

view(2) sets the default two-dimensional view, az = 0, el = 90.

view(3) sets the default three-dimensional view, az = –37.5, el = 30.

view(ax,...) uses axes ax instead of the current axes.

[az,el] = view returns the current azimuth and elevation.


View the object from directly overhead.

az = 0;
el = 90;
view(az, el);

Set the view along the y-axis, with the x-axis extending horizontally and the z-axis extending vertically in the figure.

view([0 0]);

Rotate the view about the z-axis by 180º.

az = 180;
el = 90;
view(az, el);


Azimuth is a polar angle in the x-y plane, with positive angles indicating counterclockwise rotation of the viewpoint. Elevation is the angle above (positive angle) or below (negative angle) the x-y plane.

This diagram illustrates the coordinate system. The arrows indicate positive directions.

For more information, see CameraPosition, CameraTarget, CameraViewAngle, and Projection.

Introduced before R2006a