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Startup and Shutdown

Startup command line flags, startup and shutdown files


Best practice is to run MATLAB® only as a privileged user whenever elevated privileges are specifically required. A privileged user refers to the root user on Linux® and Mac, or an administrator on Windows®.


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matlab (Windows)Start MATLAB program from Windows system prompt
matlab (macOS)Start MATLAB program from macOS Terminal
matlab (Linux)Start MATLAB program from Linux system prompt
batchStartupOptionUsedDetermine if MATLAB started with -batch option
quitTerminate MATLAB program
exitTerminate MATLAB program (same as quit)
startupUser-defined startup script for MATLAB
finishUser-defined termination script for MATLAB
matlabrcSystem administrator-defined startup script for MATLAB



Recovering Data After Abnormal Termination

Techniques for recovering information if MATLAB terminates unexpectedly.

Crash Reporting

Sending crash reports to MathWorks®.

When MATLAB Terminates Unexpectedly

Using MathWorks Crash Reporter and Crash Analyzer to report an internal error.

Specifying Java Startup Options

You can specify custom Java® startup options by creating a java.opts file.

Associate .mat Files with MATLAB

To associate a .mat extension type with MATLAB, use Microsoft Windows Default Programs.

Remove canberra-gtk-module and pk-gtk-module Messages

How to remove canberra-gtk-module and pk-gtk-module messages at startup.