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Application Deployment

Share your MATLAB® and Simulink® applications by deploying them outside the MATLAB environment

Use MathWorks® application deployment products to share your applications outside of the MATLAB environment. Deploy your MATLAB and Simulink applications as standalone desktop applications, web apps, add-ins for Microsoft® Excel®, big data applications, microservices, and enterprise and cloud applications. Package MATLAB code into libraries that you can be integrate with applications written in Java®, Microsoft .NET, Python®, C, and C++.


Deploy to Desktop

Deploy to Web

  • Create Web App (MATLAB Compiler)
    Learn how to create a web app for deployment.
  • Deploy Web App (MATLAB Compiler)
    Learn how to deploy a web app.

Deploy Simulink Simulations

Deploy to Applications Written in Other Programming Languages

Deploy to Big Data Platforms

Deploy to Enterprise Systems

Deploy to Cloud